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Shenzhen Zhen Yue Xing Molding Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong city of Shenzhen Province, was formally established in May 2013, is a collection of hardware mold, plastic mold design and development, manufacturing, production and processing of injection molding company, main products are digital photo frame shell (gift box, photo frame, wall) computer, TV player MID advertising machine, one machine series shell.

All along, we uphold the integrity of life, the idea of doing things, focus on products, has received a number of product patent certification, understand the market demand, product excellence, and strive to do the best! For years, we have established long-term cooperation with many enterprises outstanding team, strong strength, reasonable prices, excellent service and the United States, Japan and South Korea both at home and abroad, in the market for us to win a good reputation.

We always adhere to the integrity and benefit to the customer, to create a win-win for the goal has been the pursuit of! Your satisfaction is our steady stream of power!


Zhen Yue Xing Five core strengths

Five core strengthsOur ultrasonic eight advantages
Shenzhen Zhen Yue Xing Plastic Co Ltd is a national high-tech enterprises, through the "soft" enterprise certification.
With strong technical innovation ability, for the high-end customers quickly provide personalized solutions, digital photo frame shell (gift box, photo frame, wall) computer, TV, MID player, advertising machine, machine series shell, provide all in one service.
The company established a first-class product research and development, testing and manufacturing of software and hardware platform, with a number of professional R & D engineers, a number of patented technology.
Companies through the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO16949 and other authoritative certification, product quality is stable and reliable.
Since its inception, the business has achieved rapid development, the product sold at home and abroad, won the trust of more than and 600 customers in more than and 40 countries.
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Why China's plastic doors and windows industry output value is not high?
Why China's plastic doors and windows industry output value is not high?

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The application of plastic machinery and equipment in our country is wide

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What about the bubbles in the plastic injection products?
What about the bubbles in the plastic injection products?

Plastic gas interference is often in the surface bubble formation of tiny bubbles or silver markings or thick wall products during the molding process. The source of the gas is the main...[more]

Central air conditioning: "soil back into the ocean. The play is being staged

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The extension of the air energy water heater to the multi function

With the extension of the social function of the industry to humanity, in the development of enterprises is more faithful to the market needs of customers, where the demand is where you can find the research figure, many new force to meet the market demand in the beat talent shows itself, the old enterprise ...[more]

High energy efficiency air-conditioning price disadvantage is obvious: still too

At the end of July, about 1495 of the second batch of air conditioner was selected to promote the energy efficiency of the directory, which means that most of the energy saving air conditioning on the market are included in the scope of subsidies. Reporter visited found three hypermarkets, even with such subsi...[more]

"Refrigeration industry revitalization plan" has received a warm welcome from al

In line with the national economic revitalization pace, air conditioning and refrigeration market as the world's leading e-commerce platform in the refrigeration industry, took the lead in the domestic refrigeration industry put forward the "revitalization plan" to the refrigeration refrigeration industry, a total ...[more]

Shuangliang shares: the lithium bromide refrigerator air cooler desalination thr

Bromine refrigerator industry leader, the industry standard makers. The company is the first domestic brand refrigerator, air-conditioning industry has more than 25 years of experience, occupy more than 20% market share of the lithium bromide central air conditioning, and actively to waste heat utilization energy-savi...[more]

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